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Uncontested Divorce

How to Prepare for Your Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested divorces are ideal for couples who agree that a divorce is in their best interest and who can agree on the terms of the divorce without relying on the court. These divorces tend to take less time to complete and often can save you and your spouse money. While they’re typically easier than traditional… Read more

Uncontested Divorce

Will an Uncontested Divorce Work for My Situation?

When you and your spouse decide to divorce, you have two choices: pursue an uncontested divorce or pursue a more traditional divorce. Both will help you separate from your spouse and distribute your assets but uncontested divorces can be a better fit for many couples. So how can you tell if an uncontested divorce will… Read more

Uncontested Divorce

What Is the Cheapest Way to Get a Divorce in Virginia?

Getting divorced can be costly. In fact, the average price for a traditional divorce in the United States falls between $15,000 and $20,000. Even if you’ve been saving up, this can take a serious toll on your finances. But those prices aren’t set in stone and your trusted Virginia divorce lawyer wants to help you… Read more

Uncontested Divorce

How to Keep Divorce Conversations Civil When Pursuing an Uncontested Divorce

While an uncontested divorce typically means fewer complications, you and your spouse must agree to all of the terms of the divorce if you want to be successful. That means finding ways to maintain civility and have productive conversations as you navigate the process isn’t just a good idea—it’s essential to the success of your… Read more

Uncontested Divorce

Crafting a Workable Parenting Plan When Pursuing Uncontested Divorce

If you and your spouse want to file an uncontested divorce with the Virginia family law courts, you will need to reach a mutual agreement concerning the terms of your property division and child-related orders before you can proceed. If you have minor children, you will need to determine the broad custody rights of each… Read more

Uncontested Divorce

Pursuing Uncontested Divorce in Virginia if You Have Kids  

Navigating the divorce process is always a challenging undertaking. However, it can be even more stressful than usual when you have kids because you are likely consumed with concern for their well-being even more than your own. By pursuing an uncontested divorce, you and your children’s other parent will likely feel empowered by your ability… Read more

Uncontested Divorce

Is an Uncontested Divorce in Virginia a Good Idea?

Virginia’s uncontested divorce process may sound appealing, especially if you fear that your divorce case will drag on for months and require several contentious court hearings. But uncontested divorce is not an option for every divorcing couple. Trying to pursue an uncontested divorce in Virginia in some situations can take up more time, require more… Read more

Uncontested Divorce

Where Can I Get an Uncontested Divorce in Fairfax?

In Virginia, if you and your spouse agree to the basic terms of your divorce, you can seek an uncontested divorce. Since no one wants to prolong the process of getting a divorce, an uncontested divorce provides a viable option for individuals who are seeking a relatively painless process.  As for the specific terms, an… Read more

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Uncontested Divorce

How to Establish a Separation Date in Virginia

Divorce is almost never easy. Not only are you dealing with an important relationship coming to an end, but you also have to go through all the legal hurdles. Many of your friends and family likely have horror stories, confusing advice, and contradictory information. The reality of the matter is you should get a lawyer… Read more

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