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Estate Planning

How to Avoid Probate in Virginia

Are you trying to get your estate plan together in Virginia? Maybe you are questioning whether or not you need to do it at all. Probate court is a primary reason why people explore their estate planning process. At the very least, a minimal estate plan can help simplify probate, quicken the process, and give… Read more

Should You Move Out if You Are Getting Divorce in Virginia?
Uncontested Divorce

Should You Move Out if You Are Getting Divorce in Virginia?

A divorce is a complicated time in anyone’s life. You are likely asking yourself a lot of questions, especially in the early stages of divorce. Should you move out if you are getting a divorce in Virginia? AC Rieman Law can help with that question and more. Can Leaving Your House Diminish the Interest in… Read more

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Uncontested Divorce

What is In-Home Separation in Virginia?

So you are thinking about getting a divorce in Virginia. For a no-fault divorce, you need to be either living separate and apart for one year or living separate and apart for six months with a separation agreement in place and no minor children. This may sound like a difficult goal to achieve. You both… Read more

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Uncontested Divorce

How Long Do You Need to Be Separated for Divorce in Virginia?

So you want a divorce in Virginia, but can you even get a divorce yet? How long do you need to be separated for divorce in Virginia? If you want a no-fault divorce, you do have to be separated first, but that begs the question, how long do you need to be separated for divorce… Read more

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Contract Law

Contract Review Lawyer in Virginia

Contracts are a part of daily business life and even individuals have to sign contracts from time to time. Should you get those contracts reviewed? Learn when and how you should review contracts from AC Rieman, a contract review lawyer in Virginia. We have insights and tips that you don’t want to miss out on…. Read more

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Firearm Rights

Can a Felon Get Their Gun Rights Back in Virginia?

Have you lost your gun rights in Virginia? Can a felon get their gun rights back in Virginia? Yes, you can, and AC Rieman Law can help. Keep reading to learn all about getting your gun rights back or contact AC Rieman Law in Culpeper today. Are You Eligible to Have Your Gun Rights Restored?… Read more

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Legal Analyst

AC Rieman Weighs in on New Law Regarding Sexually Explicit Content in Our Schools

A new law was just signed into law by Governor Glenn Youngkin that requires Virginia schools to inform parents when sexually explicit content is included in curriculums and assignments. NBC29 legal analyst, Amanda Caroline Rieman, Esq., was given the chance to weigh in. NBC29 Legal Analyst AC Rieman Responds In her comments, AC Rieman questioned… Read more

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Uncontested Divorce

Avoid Court With Your Divorce in Virginia

Divorce doesn’t have to be seen as a negative move. People change, people grow apart, and things happen. It’s better to go through a divorce than be in an unhappy relationship. Some divorces can be messy though, and unfortunately, the messiest divorces end up going to court. You may not want to avoid divorce any… Read more

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Estate Planning

Who Should Have an Estate Plan in Virginia?

Is it time for you to have an estate plan? Who should have an estate plan in Virginia? Unfortunately, estate planning is something that a lot of people don’t want to think about. We get it. However, getting it set up will be a weight off your shoulders. At AC Rieman Law—located in Culpeper, VA—we’ll… Read more

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