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Uncontested Divorce

How to Prepare for Your Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested divorces are ideal for couples who agree that a divorce is in their best interest and who can agree on the terms of the divorce without relying on the court. These divorces tend to take less time to complete and often can save you and your spouse money. While they’re typically easier than traditional… Read more

separation before divorce

Does Virginia Require Separation Before You Can Get Divorced?

Making the decision to pursue a divorce is a big step, whether you’re planning on a traditional divorce or want to file for an uncontested divorce. But before many couples formally file for divorce, they must first separate. Filing for legal separation is something you can do, but is it a necessary step before you… Read more

Uncontested Divorce

Will an Uncontested Divorce Work for My Situation?

When you and your spouse decide to divorce, you have two choices: pursue an uncontested divorce or pursue a more traditional divorce. Both will help you separate from your spouse and distribute your assets but uncontested divorces can be a better fit for many couples. So how can you tell if an uncontested divorce will… Read more

Uncontested Divorce

What Is the Cheapest Way to Get a Divorce in Virginia?

Getting divorced can be costly. In fact, the average price for a traditional divorce in the United States falls between $15,000 and $20,000. Even if you’ve been saving up, this can take a serious toll on your finances. But those prices aren’t set in stone and your trusted Virginia divorce lawyer wants to help you… Read more

Firearm Rights

Can You Carry a Gun in Church in Virginia?

In America, the right to bear arms has caused a lot of controversy. While there are certain situations where weapons are not permitted, many Virginians enjoy the ability to carry firearms for personal protection throughout their communities. But what about carrying a gun at church? Are you allowed to under the law, or should you… Read more

Firearm Rights

What Causes You to Lose Your Gun Ownership Rights in Virginia?

Owning a gun is one of your constitutional rights and whether you own one for self-defense or are a collector and enthusiast who owns more than a dozen, protecting that right is of the utmost priority. For most people, maintaining their right to bear arms is simple. You just need to be a law-abiding citizen… Read more

Firearm Rights

What to Know About Getting Your Virginia Firearm Rights Restored After a Mental Health Crisis

Experiencing a mental health crisis can be stressful, but did you know that being involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility can end up costing you certain rights? Virginia law allows the state to revoke firearm possession and ownership rights from those who received treatment in a mental health facility involuntarily. But once you recover from… Read more

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Can You Switch From an Uncontested Divorce to a Contested Divorce?

When you and your spouse initiate the divorce process, it can go one of two ways: you can be in agreement over most issues, or you can disagree on multiple points and need the help of the courts to divide your assets and reach a fair settlement. If you agree to most terms, you can… Read more


Why You Should Consider a Premarital Agreement Before You Get Married

When you’re planning a wedding, there’s so much to do that it’s easy to lose sight of one important task: protecting yourself and your financial future should you and your soon-to-be spouse end up needing to separate or divorce. The best way to do that is by creating a premarital agreement with help from an… Read more

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