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Divorces can be an awful, painful, and sometimes long and drawn-out process. Not all divorces, however, take that route. Uncontested divorces mean that the two sides agree on basic principles, including property, custody, support, and other factors. While this can take some of the pain and difficulty out of the divorce, you still need an uncontested divorce lawyer in Virginia to get it done correctly, quickly, and in an affordable manner.

With the help of an experienced uncontested divorce lawyer, you can dissolve your marriage quickly and correctly without having to appear in court. There is no reason to drag out the proceedings longer than they have to. Getting the divorce finalized means you can move on with your life right away.

AC Rieman Law has a plethora of experience handling uncontested divorces in central Virginia – proudly offering uncontested divorce attorney services to Culpeper, Fredericksburg, Charlottesville, Front Royal, Manassas, Fauquier County, and many surrounding areas in Virginia. The firm charges only $495 for a simple, uncontested divorce, plus court fees. This low fee exists because Attorney Amanda (“AC”) Rieman Sarago, Esq. believes that no one should be excluded from quality legal services due to cost.

Even in the most straightforward divorce cases, there can be pages of paperwork to fill out and information that will need to be gathered and included. There are forms of agreement and documents that outline agreements that need to be completed, checked, and then double-checked before signing. In certain situations, a judge may even throw a case out to be rescheduled because of improperly completed or filed paperwork. 

If your divorce case is simple, we work to make the process fast, so you can move on with your life. If it is a bit more complex, we will work on understanding the details that will help get it settled as soon as possible. We have experience with related areas to help you resolve other financial and property-related issues that go along with your divorce. Our efforts on uncontested divorces are aimed at making it easy and cost-effective for you.

AC Rieman Law provides easy and affordable uncontested divorce assistance to Culpeper, Fredericksburg, Charlottesville, Front Royal, Manassas, Fauquier County, and all of Central and Northern Virginia. 

Uncontested Divorce FAQs

I want to get a divorce, but your office is in Culpeper – is that a problem?

No – AC Rieman Law has successfully divorced clients as far north as Leesburg and as far south as Virginia Beach. The venue is proper in any jurisdiction, as long as neither party objects.

I tried to handle the divorce myself and it’s a mess – can you still help me?

Yes – the laws in Virginia are nuanced and many times Clients are unable to obtain a divorce if they’ve used a website that claims to provide them with all the paperwork they need. Call AC Rieman Law to help you sort it all out.

How long will my divorce take to complete?

AC Rieman Law moves at the pace of the client. If all the paperwork is completed promptly and correctly, the process can be expedited.

Will my name automatically change once I am divorced?

No – you must petition the Court to change your name and the Judge must grant your order. AC Rieman Law can help Plaintiffs who wish to restore their maiden name(s).

My spouse is in prison – can I still get a divorce?

If your spouse is incarcerated in Virginia and will serve time behind bars for more than one (1) year, the Commonwealth considers them to have a disability and a guardian ad litem must be appointed. Divorce is possible but more tricky.

My spouse is on active military duty – can I still get a divorce?

Yes – additional waivers must be signed, but AC Rieman Law has experience with the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act.

I really think I can do this divorce without a lawyer – why should I call AC Rieman Law?

An experienced divorce attorney can help make a stressful experience less stressful. Clerks are unable to give legal advice, so if your divorce is denied, you may have no idea why. You need to ensure every single word is properly stated in your pleadings and AC Rieman Law is the choice to make if you need assistance.

My spouse and I agree on everything, so you can represent us both – right?

Although the divorce proceeding may be uncontested, the law still considers you and your spouse ‘adverse’ parties. Ethically, it is a conflict of interest for AC Rieman Law to represent both spouses in a divorce proceeding. However, AC Rieman Law strives to make the process very transparent – call today to learn how.

I want to change the last name for my spouse – can I do that?

No – you can not change someone else’s name. AC Rieman Law is only able to restore the maiden name of the Plaintiff, which is the party the law firm represents.

Get Your Uncontested Divorce or Legal Matter Settled with an Affordable, Effective Solution.

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