Adoption Lawyer in Central and Northern Virginia

Adoptions should be simple, but they are not. And situations in which a parent chooses to terminate their parental rights due to divorce or other reasons can be very emotional for the parties involved.

In Virginia, there are two options for child placements related to adoption: 

  • Adoptions made by duly authorized agencies
  • Adoptions made by birth parents and legal guardians

Of these two types of adoptions, multiple versions are available, all of which must pass through the Virginia court of law. The different kinds of adoptions include: 

  • Agency Placement Adoptions. These adoptions include children that are in the custody of a local department or child-placing agency. Parental rights are terminated in these situations. 
  • Non-Agency Placement Adoptions. In this scenario, the child or children’s birth parents or legal guardians agree to the adoption and terminate their parental rights. 
  • Stepparent Adoptions. When the birth parent has a spouse that wants to adopt the child, a stepparent adoption can take place. Depending on the situation, consent may or may not be needed. 
  • Parental Placement Adoptions. In this scenario, a child is adopted into a family through a child-placing agency. The agency does thorough research and places documentation through this process. 

Most commonly, AC Rieman Law deals with cases where a spouse no longer wishes to have parental rights. The firm works with many divorce cases and is able to work closely with the parties involved to get to a resolution.

If you need assistance adopting a child because your spouse wishes to terminate their parental rights, give AC Rieman Law a call today to see if we may be able to assist. The firm serves Culpeper and Fauquier Counties, in addition to all of Central and Northern Virginia. 

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