Last Will and Testaments Lawyer in Virginia

Having a will is essential for ensuring that all that you have worked for in your life ends up in the right hands upon your death. This is how many people ensure their legacy and make peace with knowing their family will be set up properly.

A will is signed writing in which a person (often referred to as the “testator”) directs what is to be done with his or her property after death. Any mentally competent person who is at least eighteen years old may make a will.

AC Rieman Law offers will drafting services in Virginia. Attorney Amanda (“AC”) Rieman Sarago believes in providing legal services at affordable prices, as she runs her firm on her core values. No one should have to go without legal services due to the associated fees – and that value transfers to offering wills to residents of Culpeper, Charlottesville, Front Royal, Manassas, Fredericksburg, Fauquier County, and the surrounding areas. 

Power of Attorney Drafting in Virginia

A power of attorney is a grant of authority to a person during your lifetime to act in your place if you are unavailable or incapacitated. You have a say in who you approve as your guardian and/or conservator. 

Given the significant role power of attorney can play, it is important that this person is selected carefully. Having a power of attorney document drafted allows for the designation of the person if you become incapacitated. 

AC Rieman Law is experienced in drafting a power of attorney paperwork in Virginia. Having a professional draft this paperwork is essential, as it can range from your care to end-of-life decisions. The possible power of attorney types are: 

  • Limited power of attorney. This essentially authorizes the agent to act on your behalf for certain functions, primarily involving investments. 
  • Durable power of attorney. This designation authorizes the proxy to make medical decisions if you become incapacitated, including loss of consciousness or ability to communicate. 
  • Medical power of attorney. A physician must deem you incapable of making medical decisions before a medical power of attorney can be designated, but once that determination is made, they can make key medical decisions on your behalf. 

Having documentation in place prior to something happening to you is crucial. AC Rieman Law can help with will and power of attorney drafting in central Virginia. Don’t hesitate to reach out today to get the process started.

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