When you and your spouse decide to divorce, you have two choices: pursue an uncontested divorce or pursue a more traditional divorce. Both will help you separate from your spouse and distribute your assets but uncontested divorces can be a better fit for many couples. So how can you tell if an uncontested divorce will work for your situation?

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You’re on Good Terms With Your Spouse

Uncontested divorces are best for spouses who get along and are able to communicate clearly throughout the entire divorce process. You’ll need to be able to handle negotiations, compromises, and minor disagreements without arguing or fighting.

Think about your relationship as it stands now. If you and your spouse are divorcing because you’ve grown apart or the marriage no longer serves you but you want to remain friends, an uncontested divorce may be a great choice.

You Agree With Most Aspects of Your Divorce

Traditional divorces involve a lot of arguing and disagreements over who gets what and the exact terms of your divorce. Often, the relationship between spouses is so tense that the court has to make a final determination on each aspect of the divorce. Uncontested divorces only work when both parties are in agreement over the terms. You shouldn’t need to dispute different aspects of the divorce from the beginning.

If you and your spouse are in agreement on the terms of the divorce and you’ve already spoken about what you both believe is fair, filing an uncontested divorce could be the right move.

You’re Confident That You Won’t Start Disagreeing as You Go

Uncontested divorces only work if you can continue communicating with your spouse and stay calm throughout the entire process. If you think you’ll start disagreeing or arguing at some point down the line, filing for a traditional divorce may be a better choice. That said, you can always switch from an uncontested divorce to a traditional divorce if needed. It will just make the divorce take more time.

You Want the Divorce to Finish Quickly

Traditional divorces can take months and even years to settle completely. For many couples, the idea of waiting that long isn’t appealing. And for some, it might feel impossible. Uncontested divorces typically settle quickly since both parties are able to come to agreements without waiting for a formal court hearing or five. Once the court verifies the terms, you’re free to go your separate ways. 

You Have a Tight Budget

It should come as no surprise that the longer you spend negotiating the terms of your divorce, the more expensive the divorce will be. If you and your spouse are on a tight budget and don’t have the funds to make a traditional divorce happen, an uncontested divorce could be a good fit. These divorces are typically much cheaper provided you and your spouse can agree to the terms. Don’t worry—you won’t have to do it on your own. Your Virginia uncontested divorce lawyer will be there to help you every step of the way.

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If you’re considering an uncontested divorce, make sure you’re working with an experienced uncontested divorce attorney in Virginia. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and see if an uncontested divorce is the right choice for you and your spouse.

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