Getting divorced can be costly. In fact, the average price for a traditional divorce in the United States falls between $15,000 and $20,000. Even if you’ve been saving up, this can take a serious toll on your finances. But those prices aren’t set in stone and your trusted Virginia divorce lawyer wants to help you fully understand your options and what you can do to reduce the cost of your divorce.  

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The Cheapest Option Is an Uncontested Divorce

In Virginia, the cheapest divorce option, hands down, is an uncontested divorce. These divorces are ideal for spouses who are in agreement on the terms, division of property, and all other facets of their separation. 

The exact price you’ll pay for an uncontested divorce will vary depending on the law firm you work with. But at AC Rieman law, we charge just $495 plus any necessary court fees for an uncontested divorce. That means you’ll potentially save thousands as part of the filing process. Even better, uncontested divorces often take less time than traditional or contested divorces, so you and your spouse can move on with your lives.

Why Traditional Divorces Cost More

Traditional divorces are usually more expensive because there’s more work to be done. Rather than setting the terms of your divorce through mediation with your spouse and their attorney, contested divorces get the court involved in most decisions.

The more time you spend in court, the higher your costs will be. Your attorney has to prepare arguments and show why the division of property should be the way you want it to be. There are negotiations that happen, compromises that are made, and lots of prep work that goes into each case. Those tasks cost money and can leave you spending more than you may be comfortable with.

How You Can Lower Your Costs for Both Divorce Types

At AC Rieman, our uncontested divorce costs are fairly fixed. But traditional divorce costs will vary depending on your case. Here are a few ways you can lower your costs and speed up the process.

  • Communicate with your spouse: The more you and your spouse can work things out before taking your case to court, the less time you’ll spend in the courtroom. This can help you lower your costs and speed up the process. 
  • Pursue litigation as a last resort: Your Virginia divorce lawyer and your spouse’s attorney are there to help guide you. Let them help you manage negotiations, mediations, and other forms of communication to reduce the need to take your case to court. If you and your spouse can work things out between yourselves (with your lawyers’ help), you can save on court fees and legal costs.

Work With an Experienced Virginia Divorce Lawyer

Filing an uncontested divorce is the most affordable way to legally divorce your spouse. But it’s not the right choice for everyone. The best way to decide between a traditional and uncontested divorce is to work with your Virginia divorce lawyer. Let them know what you’re dealing with, the current amount of tension between you and your spouse, and whether you believe you and your spouse can cooperate to reach an agreement without going to court. They’ll be able to advise you and help you pick the best filing type for your situation.

If you’re interested in filing for an uncontested divorce, Amanda Rieman Johnson, Esq., of AC Rieman Law, can help. Schedule a consultation today.

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