Divorce is a difficult time for any couple, but the process can be especially challenging for high-net-worth couples looking to terminate their marriage. There are more assets to go through, more agreements to make, and more fine print to negotiate. But just because high-net-worth divorces are more complex doesn’t mean they’re not eligible for uncontested divorces. You just need to be prepared. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you get ready for your meeting with your Virginia uncontested divorce lawyer.

high net worth divorce

Gathering Documents Is Key

One of the most important things you can do when preparing for any divorce is to gather all of your documents. This means compiling financial statements, titles, deeds, and anything else related to joint or individual property that you and your spouse will need to reach an agreement about. Err on the side of too much documentation if possible. Your Virginia uncontested divorce lawyer will be able to tell you what you need. The clearer the picture is, the easier it will be for you and your spouse to make arrangements and settle your uncontested divorce.

Your Prenup and Other Marital Agreements Could Impact Your Divorce

If you and your spouse have prenuptial agreements or other marital agreements regarding your assets and property, those agreements could impact your uncontested divorce. Review any existing agreements you and your spouse have and make those agreements known to your attorney. This will help them guide you through the negotiation process and could make mediation more effective if needed.

Make Sure You Understand Your Financial Situation

Divorce will impact your finances, whether you’re pursuing an uncontested divorce or a traditional divorce. Before you go into your divorce, make sure you understand your current financial situation and consider how the divorce could impact those finances once it’s finished. This will help you better negotiate with your spouse and make it easier for you to feel fully prepared for what’s to come.

Communicate With Your Spouse and Your Lawyer

One of the biggest advantages and potential challenges of uncontested divorces is that you’re able to negotiate most of the terms of your divorce with your spouse. This helps you part ways more amicably and makes it easier to divide your wealth and assets in a way that works for both of your goals. But this does mean you’ll need to be in close communication with both your spouse and your lawyer. 

Be open about your concerns, your needs, and your goals. Make sure your attorney is on the same page as you and communicate your wishes to them from the beginning. This will help them represent your best interests more effectively. As long as you and your spouse can communicate throughout the divorce and are willing to work with your attorneys to reach resolutions on any terms that aren’t immediately settled, you’ll be able to conclude your divorce with ease.

Work With an Experienced Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

Having a high net worth doesn’t mean you and your spouse can’t pursue an uncontested divorce. It just means your divorce may take a bit more work. That’s why it’s important to work with a Virginia uncontested divorce lawyer who understands the challenges you’ll face. Contact AC Rieman today to schedule a consultation.

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