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Estate Planning

How to Avoid Probate in Virginia

Are you trying to get your estate plan together in Virginia? Maybe you are questioning whether or not you need to do it at all. Probate court is a primary reason why people explore their estate planning process. At the very least, a minimal estate plan can help simplify probate, quicken the process, and give… Read more

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Estate Planning

Who Should Have an Estate Plan in Virginia?

Is it time for you to have an estate plan? Who should have an estate plan in Virginia? Unfortunately, estate planning is something that a lot of people don’t want to think about. We get it. However, getting it set up will be a weight off your shoulders. At AC Rieman Law—located in Culpeper, VA—we’ll… Read more

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning Attorney in Virginia

Did you know that you already have an estate? If you have assets, then you have an estate. Estate planning isn’t about building that estate, but rather planning what happens to that estate when you pass on. There are several ways that you can plan your estate, and an attorney can help. If you need… Read more

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