When most couples get divorced, it’s normal for both spouses to see it coming. Between disagreements, changes in lifestyle, and a host of other factors, many couples can tell when a marriage is drawing to an end. But there may be times when one spouse is ready for a divorce and the other isn’t. If you find yourself in this situation, you may wonder if you need your spouse to sign the divorce papers for the process to continue. Here’s what your Virginia divorce lawyer wants you to know.

Do Both Spouses Have to Sign for a Divorce?

Strictly speaking, Virginia doesn’t require both spouses to sign divorce papers for the case to move along. Either spouse is free to initiate the divorce proceedings with or without the acceptance or agreement of the other spouse. 

This makes it easier to get out of situations that may be harmful to your mental health and well-being. After all, if a relationship isn’t serving your best interests anymore, you deserve the right to get a fresh start.

Should You Still Try to Get Your Spouse to Cooperate?

While you’re not required to get your spouse to sign the divorce papers when you file for divorce, getting them to sign can be a good idea. While every situation is different and some spouses may not be able to get the other person to sign divorce papers, doing so my help you see the following benefits:

Having Both Signatures Saves You Time

When you file for divorce with both your signature and your spouse’s signature on the papers, it can speed up the process. There will be less work for the court and your attorneys who are trying to ensure that you get a fair settlement. 

If your spouse refuses to sign, the process may take longer. The exact amount of time the missing signature may add will depend on the complexity of the divorce. Your best option is to speak with a Virginia divorce attorney as soon as possible.

Getting Your Spouse to Sign Could Save You Money

The longer a divorce takes, the more expensive it will likely be. Remember, you’re paying for your attorney’s time and expertise. The more time they spend working on your case and advocating for you in court, the more your divorce will cost. By having both signatures, you’ll save time, which can help you keep your costs lower in the long run.

Knowing You’re on the Same Page May Spare You Stress

Without your spouse’s signature, you may end up stressing about how long the divorce will take and the types of demands they may have. For many, this could lead to a lot of sleepless nights and unnecessary stress. By getting your spouse to sign the documents, you may find the divorce process to be less stressful.

You’ll Want to Work With a Virginia Divorce Attorney

If you’re concerned that your spouse won’t sign the divorce papers, the best thing you can do is speak with an attorney as soon as you feel that a divorce is imminent. Your attorney can advise you on how to proceed and may be able to give you advice on how you could encourage your spouse to sign the documents in the beginning. If your spouse still refuses to sign, your attorney will be able to represent your interests even without your spouse’s missing signature.

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