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Contract Law

What Constitutes a Breach of Contract in Virginia?

Contracts are legally binding documents that outline each party’s responsibility to each other and any specific terms each party needs to satisfy to complete the agreement. Contracts are essential for businesses and individuals alike because they protect you from liability when properly enforced and followed. Breaking the terms of a contract or being in breach… Read more

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Contract Law

Contract Review Lawyer in Virginia

Contracts are a part of daily business life and even individuals have to sign contracts from time to time. Should you get those contracts reviewed? Learn when and how you should review contracts from AC Rieman, a contract review lawyer in Virginia. We have insights and tips that you don’t want to miss out on…. Read more

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Contract Law

Tips for Creating a Successful Contract

When people or businesses need to make an agreement that is enforceable by law, then a contract is required. Contracts can be a little frightening. Contract law is an entire field of study, and knowing what should go into your contract can be tricky. It’s highly recommended that you have a lawyer draft and review… Read more

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